Helping create happy, healthy families
by reducing pain, stress and learning difficulties.


"REDUCING PAIN to Age Well."

"Helping You Live a STRESS-FREE LIFE"

"Enabling your child to LEARN HAPPILY"


Through Kinesiology, I monitor your muscles (usually in your arm), for responses. Muscles have a memory of past experiences in your life. Using biofeedback from your muscles, you and I together can search for the cause of the issue you would like resolved, and then establish how and where to send energy to achieve this goal. Whilst I do not diagnose or claim to cure particular illnesses – I do believe that our bodies have been created perfectly to heal themselves in many situations, given optimal conditions.


You will experience a relaxing, healing session which involves non-invasive, drug free and natural techniques. Generally, you also notice results quickly. You become more aware of your own blocks to healing so that you can become pro-active in your path to wellness. Children and adults feel some relief when they understand that there is a real problem AND together we can help to clear it simply.

Are you a "mouth breather" or have blocked sinuses? Would you like to breathe more easily and effectively? Would you like to feel a little more in control?

"This little, life hack could change your life!"


10 Reasons why parents bring their child for a Wellness Balance

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