Helping create happy, healthy families
by reducing pain, stress and learning difficulties.

"OUTBACK WELLNESS - Energy for Life."

"REDUCING PAIN to Age Well."

"Helping You Live a STRESS-FREE LIFE"

"Enabling your child to LEARN HAPPILY"

Using non-invasive, natural techniques, you are likely to enjoy a relaxing, healing session. Generally, you also notice results quickly. You become more aware of your own blocks to healing so that you can become pro-active in your path to wellness. For children in particular, it is empowering to understand that others would also have difficulty coping if certain issues were present, AND together we can help them clear those issues.

Through Kinesiology, I monitor your muscles (usually in your arm), for biofeedback. Your muscles have a memory of what has gone on before in your life. Using this biofeedback, you and I together can get to the cause of the issue you would like resolved, and then establish where and how to send energy to balance your body.

Whilst I do not diagnose or say I cure particular illness – I do believe that our bodies have been created perfectly to heal themselves in many situations, given optimal conditions.

Are you a "mouth breather" or have blocked sinuses? Would like to breathe more easily and effectively? Is snoring a problem in your family?

"This little, life hack could change your life!"

10 Reasons why parents bring their child for a Wellness Balance

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